Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GK Question Answers 1

1.Who were the two famous Swedes who wrote all their books in Latin?
   Sweden burg who died in 1772 and Linnaeus who died
       in 1778 wrote their books in Latin.

2.What is the ancestral form from which many reptiles have sprung?
                                             Tautara of New Zealand

3.Which knot is this?
                                                    Granny knot

4.What kind of breathing organs do reptiles have?

5.What prevents the blood in veins from running back wards?

6.How many hearts does the earthworm possess?

GK Question Answers

     1.What do we call a female fox?     
                        A Vixen

2.What did John Milton defend in his' Areopagatica'?

                     Freedom of Press
3.What was table tennis called before 1921?
                 Ping Pong-name registered in 1990 in England
          where it was invented by a British firm.

4.What was the name of Karl Marx's history influencing work?

                        Das Kapital

      5.What is the common name for the Patella?