Jun 12, 2015

Easy ways to reduce body weight

1.    Exercises:
Have to do exercises at least 5 times a week. Exercises dissolve the fats. Thus it helps to reduce the body weight and protects the body from various diseases.

2.    Eat only when you feel hungry:
Think once before you say, “yes, I eat only when I feel hungry.” How many times you would have eaten ice creams and sweets after having food? This only helps to increase your body weight.

3.    Know what you’re eating:
You can say, “I ate 4 biscuits and a glass of juice..!” but do you know how much calories you have been taken in by eating these? So the knowledge of what we are eating is very important.

4.    Water:
Everyday minimum 8 glasses of water must be drunk. Drinking water before having food lessens the amount of food intake. It also cleans the poisonous items present in our body.

5.    Level of food intake:
If you eat more food during lunch, must reduce the level of your dinner that day. Eat lunch lesser than breakfast and eat dinner lesser than lunch. This is good for health.

6.    Relax please:
The problems we face daily, sometimes induces us to eat more. So spend 30 minutes a day to relax yourselves.

7.    Don’t think “I’m fat..!”:
Think how you will be changed after following the steps aforesaid rather than thinking how are you now.