Jun 12, 2015

Food items used to reduce body pains

In this fast moving world, daily we face numerous pain issues in our body. It may be a joint pain, muscle sprain, acidity problem or even BMS sprain. Do you know that we can reduce these kinds of pains with the help of our foods? Taking a tablet for the pain may be easy, but it is useful only for a certain period of time. It won’t help us to relive from the pain completely.
Even our body has the immune power to protect from these kinds of outside powers, more mental stress or some other problems are the reasons that create pain.  In this article, we are going to see some food items that reduce these kinds of pains.

1.    Turmeric
‘Curcumin’ is present in this.  As this curcumin has the power to control irritation, it helps to get relieve from long term pains.

2.    Ginger
This root medicine contains germs that fight cancer. It also contains the immune power and anti-epidemic effect which prevents vomiting and relieves pain. Gingerol present in ginger has the ability of preventing irritation and reduces pain. So add this ginger in your regular foods and tea, and make it as your food.

3.    Cinnamon
This can be mixed and taken in along with a cup of coffee, a cup of curd or milk. This is not only used as a smelling item that helps to reduce the pain, but also prevents the contagious bacteria, controls the glucose level in blood and helps the brain to work effectively.

4.    Cherries
It has proven that the tasty cherries have the character to prevent the irritation and also has the ability to covert pain into ibuprofen. Eating 4-5 cherries a day, nearly 25% of joint pain shall be reduced. As it helps to reduce C proteins, the chances of irritation are reduced. Reducing fats and reducing the muscles that are stimulated by exercises are the other uses of cherry fruits.

5.    Nuts
Various types of nuts have the characters of reducing the irritations and reliving from the pain. Walnuts which contains excess of omega-3, has the character of restricting irritation. Almond nuts which has excess of riboflavin, has the potential to protect brain disorders and BMS. Vitamin-B6, which can be seen excess in pistachios, relives the sprains that occurs in muscles and prevents the irritation.

6.    Seeds
Three types of seeds have the characters of relieving pains. Magnesium, as it is found in excess in pumpkin, helps to relieve from headaches and to control the magnesium level. As the arteries expand during ordinary headaches, the head starts to pain. By taking in a cup of cocoa seeds or a cup of coffee, this headache shall be cured. Caffeine contains in cocoa controls the arteries and controls the pain. Omega fatty acids present in linseeds shuts the ways of irritation and it prevents irritation.

7.      Pineapple
Promeloin enzymes present in pineapple have the character of relieving the wounds happen in muscles. As it also relieves from the paralysis related joint pains and helps for digestion, pineapple stands as one of the important food items that fight against pains.