Jun 12, 2015

Food items used to reduce body weight

Now-a-days, most of the people suffer from obesity. To reduce the body weight, most of them tries to do severe exercises and tries to be in diet by not having regular food. But there is no use of either of these methods. So, we must act smart before we do anything.
Yes, it’s not much smarter to do severe exercises and to be in diet as it only results in body weakness as well as it prevents the body to receive its essential nutrients. Due to this, either our body weight reduces or not, sure we will meet many issues related to our body. So, if we do normal exercises and intake nutritional foods, we shall surely reduce our body weight. Likewise, we would’ve seen as many food items that help to reduce obesity.
But now we are going to see the food items, which we would not have an idea that these items are some of the weight reducing foods. In taking these foods along with daily exercises will surely have good results. Only eating these foods, won’t give an expected result, that is why exercises are also necessary. Ok, now if you are willing to know what those food items, kindly look down…
1.    Mushroom
One of the most important food items used to reduce the body weight is, Mushroom. If we intake more mushrooms along with our daily food, the less calories and fats present in this will prevent gaining more body weight.

2.    Egg’s white embryo
The white embryo of egg contains lesser carbohydrates but has excess of other nutrients like vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. So daily after doing exercises, if we take the white embryo of the egg, not only our body gains strength, but it restricts hunger for a long time which helps our body to keep fit.

3.    Apple
‘An apple a day, keep the doctor away’ is a well-known proverb. If we eat an apple a day, it will control our body weight. Because the fiber content present in apple, dissolves the unwanted fats and prevents the body to gain more weight.

4.    Bitter guard
Bitter guard is not only good for diabetic patients; it’s also good for the ones suffering from obesity. The nutrients present in this, dissolves the unwanted fats which remains in the body and also it burns the extra calories.
5.    Cauliflower
Cauliflower is also one of the food items used to reduce the body weight. It is too good to eat boiled cauliflower. It has less calories but excess of vitamin content in it. If we eat cauliflower regularly, it helps to reduce our hunger feeling which occurs often.

6.    Cinnamon
If we take cinnamon along with our regular food, it keeps in control the sugar level present in the blood and helps to reduce the body weight. So taking cinnamon along with our food, gives expected results.

7.    Chilly
All love to eat spicy food. Even eating spicy food, helps reducing the body weight sometimes. That too if we cook and eat red chilly along with our regular food, the content present in red chilly will dissolve the unwanted fats and toxins in our body and helps to reduce the body fat.

8.    Radish
If we eat boiled radish, the fiber content present in it will dissolve the bad fats and helps to control the hunger for a long time.

9.    Dark chocolate
Most of them don’t eat dark chocolates as they think it contains many calories. But the real fact is, if we eat dark chocolate normally, it helps to reduce the body weight and to keep the heart healthy.

10.     Green dhal
Green dhal is one of the food items with excessive vitamins. The ones who decide to reduce their body weight, along with their exercises if they also eat green dhal, good results will be gained. Also, it is good for digestion too.