Jun 12, 2015

Honey, reduces weight

Honey is the one which does not rot so easily. It’s also the best natural medicine. It also cures respiratory problems, germ infections, thirst, burn wound, and hiccups. Honey has numerous nutrients. It is also a best medicine for the children with Teeth disease and heart disease. It even has the power of reducing fats that stays in the body. Drinking Hot water mixed with a little amount of honey before going to bed reduces the body weight, a scientific report says.
The ones, who take honey to reduce the body fat, must keep in mind some important matters. Experts have advised that those who do exercises to reduce body weight must not do exercises while drinking honey. Before going to sleep, drinking a tumbler of hot water with little honey, burn unwanted waste fats in our body. During night time we should avoid sugar and food items that increase sugar level in our body.