Jun 12, 2015

Indian foods that helps to reduce weight

Are you suffering from obesity? Have taken many steps to reduce but couldn’t get desired results? Don’t worry! Rather than acting forcedly to get results, acting smartly compulsorily gets you the desired results.
So try simple steps rather than taking tough steps. Couldn’t get enough time to do exercises? It’s ok. Avoid food items used to reduce weight sold in stores. Instead, add the natural food items in your regular food which are even sold in lower price.
For that, you have to know what all those items are. So, our friend Tamil has listed out those lower priced Indian food items for you. If you follow this regularly, sure you shall get expected results soon.
1.    Mullets
Millets like rye, ragi contains lots of fiber in it. As our ancestors ate a lot of millets those days, they didn’t have obesity problems. So if possible, you should try to add these with your daily food and reduce your body weight.

2.    Green gram
As green gram contains less calories, those who tries to reduce their body weight, shall add this along with their regular food. It also contains the most essential nutrients like vitamin A, E and C. so instead of using red gram, we shall use green gram while preparing sambar.

3.      Turmeric
Turmeric is an item that will be present in every house. This even dissolves the unwanted fats in the body. For that, add a pinch of turmeric in a tumbler of milk and drink it daily.

4.      Buttermilk
Buttermilk contains 2.2gm of fats and 99 calories only. So drinking it daily, helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body. Drinking buttermilk along with green chilly and coriander is too good for health.

5.      Honey
For the ones who suffer from obesity, honey is one of the best natural medicines. If honey is used instead of sugar, belly shall be reduced and even the skin becomes bright.

6.      Cabbage
Cabbage has excess of water content. If the ones with belly eat this cabbage along with their regular food, their belly can be reduced.

7.      Mustard oil
Instead of using vegetable oil for cooking, using mustard oil helps in clearing the digestive system which excretes the fat and it results in reducing the body weight.

8.      Garlic
As garlic contains excess of sulfur in it, it helps to break the fats and restricts it to residue inside the body. For that garlic should be eaten every time after eating food. Eating raw garlic gives good results sooner.

9.      Oats
Oats not only contains fewer calories, but it also gives energy needed for a body. It’s good to eat oats as breakfast.

10.  Tomato
Tomato is one of the vegetable that can be bought at low cost. As tomato has less calories and also excess of fiber in it, it’s good for digestive system too.

11.  Egg’s white embryo
Egg’s white embryo contains lots of proteins. So if we take it regularly, it will reduce the body weight. So egg lovers who are willing to reduce their weight shall eat lots of white embryo.

12.  Mushroom
Mushroom is also an Indian food item which helps to reduce weight with lots of nutrients. In that, button mushroom is the best to dissolve fats.

13.  Almonds
A research says that, in taking mild level of almonds results in weight loss. So add almonds also in your diet.

14.  Spinach
Green spinaches are also one of the most helpful food items that help to lose weight. Because it contains excess of fibers, vitamins and minerals with fewer calories.

15.  Curry leaves
Curry leaves which most people throw away, has the power of excreting fats and toxins. So eating raw curry leaves helps a lot.

16.  Cardamom
Cardamom, one of the masala items is good for digestion. It also builds up the metabolism of the body and dilutes the fats.

17.  Beans
Do you know that the beans fry usually made in households reduce body weight? Yes, because it has the ability to reduce body weight.

18.  Mint
Mint cleans out the unwanted poisonous content present in the body and calms down the body. It also prevents mouth odor.

19.  Cow’s milk
Drinking processed milk sold in stores only leads to health vulnerability and increasing weight. Instead of it, drinking pure milk of cow will keep the body fit and healthy.

20.  Fish
Instead of eating meat and chicken, eating fish which contains necessary nutrients like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, etc, helps to prevent the increasing of body weight and heps reducing obesity.